How to Delete Game Pigeon

Learn How to Delete Game Pigeon on iPhone IOS and other devices? These are the games that keep you entertained during your dull moments.

This article will help you understand how to uninstall game bird. Take a look at the video for an explanation of how to uninstall Game Pigeon from iMessage for iPhone and iOS as well as all other devices.


What exactly is the GamePigeon application?

GamePigeon It is an iOS application that allows you to play multiple mini-games. Together with other users of the Messages app for iPhones. It was released in 2016 in conjunction with the release of the iOS 10 updates. Which allowed support for additional applications to be used in the Messages app. In the end, you can download applications specifically for iMessage. Via the App Store that is built into the Messages application.

GamePigeon includes a variety of mini-games that are playable with anybody who you’re messaging on. As well as 8-Ball and Basketball, they also offer Archery, Chess, Cup Pong, Darts, Boxes & Dots, Mini Golf, Makeball, Shuffleboard, Word Hunt, and other activities.

How do I uninstall Game Pigeon From iPhone?

GamePigeon can be described as an iMessage program that lets you and your pals engage in games with the iPhone messaging application. It’s a game that is multiplayer and lets up to six members of the family play this game with Family Sharing enabled.

It works with both iPhone as well as iPad and provides up to 23 games that are interactive, such as mini-golf, basketball, chess word hunt, etc. When you’ve finished playing, you might find it difficult to get rid of it. You can look on the internet for ways to uninstall game pigeon on iPhone.


In this article, we will discuss how to uninstall or how to delete game pigeon off your iPhone. The steps are below.

How to Install Game Pigeon?

The installation of the game pigeon is simple. You will need the iPhone or iPad running OS higher than IOS 10. The app does not work with devices running OS lower than IOS 10. Start your app and play the game Pigeon.

How to Install Game Pigeon

Click the GET button, and the app store might request confirmation of the installation. After that, the app will be installed into the iMessage app.

How to Play Game Pigeon?

How to Play Game Pigeon

Game pigeon offers a variety of games for multiplayer that work just on IOS devices, such as those on the iPhone as well as the iPad. Start the iMessage app, select the contact you would like to play with.

Play Game Pigeon

Choose the game pigeon icon at the lower left. Select any game that you want to play and press”Send”. Your contact will be sent an invitation to take part in the game.

How do I uninstall Game Pigeon From iPhone?

After you’ve finished playing games with game pigeons, you might get bored with it and wish to clear this mess off your iPhone. In spite of this, removing the game Pigeon from your iPhone can prove difficult due to the lack of an icon on your home screen.

Here’s a quick guide on how to remove or┬ádelete game pigeon on the iPhone and iPad. I’ve tested it successfully with IOS 13. The steps are in the following.

  • Start the iMessage application from your iPhone.
  • Select any iMessage you have received from your mailbox. ( Make sure to choose iMessages received from other iPhone users, and not basic text messages).
    Click the icon for Apps on the right of camera icons (if apps aren’t available).
    In the lower part, swipe the icons to the left.

How to Uninstall Game Pigeon From iPhone

  • Choose another ( …) option.
  • On the next screen, you’ll see GamePigeon choice within the More Applications section.
  • Choose the GamePigeon Option and swipe left.
  • Click the delete button and the app will be removed from the iMessage app.

uninstall game pigeon from iphone

How do you remove GamePigeon from iOS?

While GamePigeon is a fun app that comes with a variety of games is fun to play together with your buddies You might find it boring in the absence of anyone to play with or you’ve played through all the games until the end.

How to uninstall GamePigeon from iOS

In this case, you’ll be able to uninstall the application. With the latest iOS version update, Apple is changing the methods for deleting apps from iMessage. In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how to remove or delete game pigeon GamePigeon.

If you’ve tried a few methods online, but they didn’t be working, it’s because they’re intended for older versions of iOS likely iOS 10 or iOS 11. The information below is designed to be used with iOS 12.

How do I remove GamePigeon from the Apps Section of Messages?

You can simply close the app in the Messages section of apps if you are done playing GamePigeon and would like to prevent the app from distracting you for a few minutes, by clicking on the Messages icon in the app list. In this way, you don’t need to download it each time you want to play with your friends and family.

It is possible to remove GamePigeon and stop it from showing up in your Messages App by deleting it from the Apps tab within Messages. For this to be done, simply open your Messages application from your iPhone and browse through any conversation (it isn’t important which thread you choose as the removal procedure involves the Apps section which is displayed beneath the text box in every conversation you have).

When you begin the conversation, you’ll be able to see a number of apps displayed in a row beneath the text box at end of the display. This includes all the apps accessible to you through the Messages app, among which is the GamePigeon application.

How to Remove GamePigeon from Apps section on Messages
Move the Apps row to the right until get to the More button (the one with the three dots icon) to the right.

Remove GamePigeon from Apps section on Messages
In the next screen, you’ll be able to view the GamePigeon app in the list of ‘More apps in the event that it is not listed under the ‘Favorites’ tab. To prevent the app from being displayed within messages, simply tap the Edit option in the left-hand corner of the screen.

Remove GamePigeon from Apps section on Messages
You can now turn off GamePigeon from appearing in messages by turning the toggle for ‘GamePigeon’ off.

How to Remove GamePigeon from Apps section on Messages 2021
This will remove how to delete game pigeon from the Messages application and you’ll not be able to interact with anyone.

How to Remove GamePigeon from Apps section on Messages

You can block apps from Messages by following the same method as described in the previous paragraph.

How do I uninstall GamePigeon from Messages?

If you’re looking to rid yourself of GamePigeon completely it is possible to remove the application from Messages. To do this, start Messages, and then start conversations with any.

Slide left over the row of apps which is accessible in the box for text. After this row, click on the “More” button to the right.

How to Uninstall GamePigeon from Messages
The next screen will appear you can select the GamePigeon app in your list of applications that are available to you.

Uninstall GamePigeon from Messages
To completely remove GamePigeon To completely remove it, move left in GamePigeon to reveal the option to delete.

how to uninstall GamePigeon from Messages
GamePigeon will be removed from your iPhone when that you move it left. Similar to this you can also remove other apps in the Messages app following the steps outlined below.

How to Install GamePigeon to your iPhone

Similar to installing any other application on iOS You can install the GamePigeon application via the App Store. For convenience, we’ll be reinstalling the app directly from the Messages application itself.

To start, you must start your Messages app and then go to chat with any person.

From the row with apps on the right (the one just below in the box for text) Tap onto the App Store icon.

How to Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone
It will open an App Store to iMessage.

Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone
You can download the GamePigeon app by scrolling to the top of the Free section (the application is usually found in the upper right corner of the page) and then clicking. On the icon for downloading (the icon with the downward arrow that is pointing away from a cloud). If this is the first time you have installed the GamePigeon app. You’ll be required to tap the “Get” button instead.

How to Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone

Alternately, you can utilize the search function in the App Store, then tap at the icon Download in order to download the application to your iPhone.

How to Reinstall GamePigeon on your iPhone



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