How to Find a Music Video By Describing It

There are several ways how to find a music video by describing it in case you don’t know the title of the video or the artist’s name. It’s normal to lose things. There aren’t any of us with super memories. In addition, one could listen to more than 10,000 songs throughout their lifetime. It’s impossible to keep track of all the names and artists for the tracks.

We all have faced the issue of locating a specific music video or song. It may be a video that you’ve seen in your youth and have a vague memory of the melody or few sentences or a few phrases in the song’s lyrics. You may also remember the actress who played in the video.

There are many popular apps like Shazam which can identify songs by listening to the music. However, this app is only functional with a video from the music. Therefore, if you do not know the name of the song, artist name, or the song’s audio it is difficult to locate that music video.

In this post, I’ll explain how to find a music video by describing it so that you can return to your happy memories.


Begin By Identifying the Things You Know

Note down every detail you could recall about the video you’re trying to locate. What is what’s the initial of the singer? Do you recall any lines from the verse or the chorus or the chorus? Are you familiar with the nature that the song is based on? Which year did the music video premiere? Who was on the video?

If you are aware of these details this will help narrow the search results and improve your chances of finding the music video on the internet.

Look Up Some Basic Searches

Simply type a sentence or select a few words from the globally recognized search engines like Google and click “search”.In the event that your lyrics are true, Google will show you the most relevant results. There could be a million results. Check your first 2 pages. Don’t get upset If you don’t come across any information. You must concentrate on narrowing the search.

Keywords Search Keywords

How To Find A Music Video By Describing It

Keywords can help narrow down the results of your search. You can add keywords to the bar of your browser. Keywords to consider include the 1980’s rock, 2000’s Electric Dance Music, Damien Rice’s romantic track classical music, the most recent hip-hop music, the saddest rock songs, the saddest songs from rap songs…etc. When searching for music genres, adding and the year of release can yield greater results.

Search on YouTube

YouTube is yet another method to locate music videos. It’s not like you have to tap in the search box and selecting “YouTube search.”

This might be news to you, but it is possible to simplify and reduce your YouTube searches to ensure that the advanced search engines can give the correct results.

The operator provides the dates, the sort, the length, and the purpose that the file upload will perform. If you would like to know the exact words used in the results of a search and the search results, at the start and the end of the search term, add quotation marks (“) at the end of the keyword.

If you want to filter the results of your searches to get more precise results, click “Filter.” Only enter the keyword in the search bar and then press the filter button. Then, you can use the filters to locate the information you’re looking for.

Filters like “Features” and “Length” helped to locate lost YouTube videos!

Advanced Google Search

Similar to YouTube with YouTube, you can be more precise with the use of filters to Google Search. Advanced Google Search helps to locate your desired results more quickly. Using advanced search how to find a music video by describing it.

Through an Advanced Google Search, you can type in words, choose areas, the last update time precise key phrases, and crucial numbers. This will provide more accurate data.

Make use of a Song Identifier App

Song Identifier apps are designed to help users find the songs they like and videos, just as the names indicate.

Contrary to other search engines and apps such as Shazam, the song identifier app Shazam can assist you in finding your favorite song by playing the music on the microphone. The audio fingerprint created by Shazam is based on a graph representation of time and frequency.

Start the microphone in the application and hum for about 10-15 seconds, and then wait until the results appear in accordance with the spectrum. Based on your humming sound and the lyrics you sing the app will suggest the name of the artist, artist, and album for the song in the event that it discovers any matches.

In the same way, you can utilize Google Assistant to find your track. The song playing currently can be found with Google. Just ask.” and then hum the song. If Google recognizes the sound of your mouth, it’ll display you the webpage you’re searching for.

If you can identify the song, finding the video is just a single click away.

Look up the discography of the artist
Sometimes, we can recall the artist, but not the track. In this situation, we search the discography for the artist to locate the track. Look up the artist’s playlist on major music library apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

If you can recall the actors and actresses who appeared in the music video, look up the names of each and then check their profiles on their careers. This search could lead you to your most desired music video.

Name A Song – Ask For A Song Community

You can search social media communities like Facebook and Reddit for song names, and ask questions about the music video on specific websites like Wat Zat Song. Then, describe the video’s contents as clear and in detail as you are able. If they are unable to locate the song, they could help you by using the more advanced programs that can locate your music.

Final Steps on How To Find A Music Video By Describing the Music Video

If all the above strategies do not work, try this method. Music is an element of our social interaction. Many songs were presented to us by relatives, friends close or dear to us. Let them know to learn more about what the song’s music video is about.

This concludes the strategies of finding the music video you want by writing about it. By following these simple steps you will be able to locate any music video simply by the way you describe it.


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