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The Litanswers website has been up since the well-known website Textsheet was closed. But, the Textsheet website that was originally on the market Textsheet website is now undercover because it was targeted by DMCA for copying content that was on the site, similar to Chegg. Today, we’ve shared the 5 best LitAnswers alternatives for 2021.

In the days when Textsheets was closed, Litanswers was a popular site you could use to find answers to your questions. However, the same thing happened to Litanswers too. A DMCA Legal notice was sent to the Litanswers website, but the site isn’t working at the moment.


What is the Reason Litanswer is Down?

Both websites were used to provide Chegg answers, as well as the files that were found on CourseHero. Because the majority of questions were spotted by students using Chegg, Textsheet, and Litanswers this was a fantastic deal for them.

Since both websites Textsheet and Litanswers have been shut down, many people are looking for similar sites that are at no cost. If you’re the one looking for another website that is litanswers alternatives or similar to Litanswers and Textsheet, then you’ve found the right website. In this article, we’ll give you some of the most popular alternative websites that are similar to Litanswers.

Top 5 best LitAnswers alternatives for free


CourseHero is the most suitable option for Litanswers. On CourseHero you will have access to greater than thirty million course study materials. It can assist you in your homework assignment as well as provide solutions to the Textbook questions.

If you’re struggling with your work You can use this site because it can assist you in completing your work. Ask the question, select the subject, then hit the submit button. You’ll get your answer within 15 minutes.

Highlights from Coursehero:

  • It’s a step-by-step guide.
  • Expert tutors
  • Rapid responses
  • The app is available that works for Android as well as iOS.

You can sign up for the basic program costing $9.95 monthly. For access to the site, you will need to upload your study material in CourseHero. CourseHero library. After you’ve received your access code for free and access to the entire CourseHero library for no cost. On the site, there are videos, practice tests along with class notes, as well as comprehensive explanations for every area.


Slader is a site that provides homework assistance and advice for all students. It is a great resource to study with step-by-step textbook solutions written by experts who specialize in the topic.

The platform also permits you to reach out to other students for assistance or to assist them with answering their questions. In addition, you can access hundreds of books for students at high schools as well as millions of solutions that have been verified by tutors.

The benefit of the use of Slader is that the high school textbooks, as well as the feature of question and answer, are available for free to students of all ages. However, college textbooks are available only to users who subscribe. There are five free solutions in each book every month, without having to subscribe. A membership gives access to an unlimited library of higher-level college solutions and information.


Studylib is among the most popular LitAnswers alternatives and for excellent reason. The site offers users the ability to learn diverse subjects quicker.

Students can make use of it to help with homework and learn how to write research papers and essays.

It is possible to study any subject through flashcards and print, read worksheets, download them as well as lesson plans and labs. The website also hosts an enormous library of educational materials that are run by the community that lets you find any educational material.

If you’re unable to find Chegg answers free, try Studylib to access thousands of answers to your homework assignments and homework answers.

If you sign up for a free account with the service it will let you manage and share your educational documents using the studies collections function. You can also upload your videos, documents as well as links so that other users have access to the content.


PaperHelp PaperHelp is an online writing service that is custom. Students at college can collaborate with professionals who will assist them in writing a scholarly essay for them. All students have to do is submit an order or submit a topic, keep track of the progress, and then receive the sample of their task.

PaperHelp customizes its writing assistance and guarantees students receive free of plagiarism. Some of the services available include corrections and essay writing help with coursework dissertations, term papers, and critical thinking writing, and help with assignments.

However, PaperHelp isn’t cost-free. PaperHelp doesn’t offer an annual subscription. Instead, it charges students for each piece of work they complete.


Chegg provides a myriad of solutions. You are also able to get answers from experts when you’re faced with difficult homework. You’ll get help from experts and assistance promptly since it is an app that is accessible through Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Chegg’s website offers answers to every subject such as Maths, business, engineering, physics, and more. The Chegg’s website will help you with the majority of subjects as well as several other subjects.

Chegg’s Features Chegg:

  • Help is available from experts 24/7.
  • Check back later to find your answers.
  • Does it come with video-guided explanations?

It is possible to use the site or app to sign up as well as pay to subscribe. When the monthly subscription is over it automatically renews.


Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

Q. Is there a way around Chegg answers for free?

For a totally free solution to a question on Chegg, all you have to do is Open Free Chegg Answers for Free by IStaunch Simply type in your questions and then tap the button to get answers. This is how to open the Chegg Free Answers by iStaunch Form. Locate the Chegg question you’d like to find an answer to.

Q. Is there a free alternative to Chegg?

The most cost-effective alternatives to Chegg are Humbot.. … Some intriguing alternatives that are free to Chegg include Flipkart (Free), College Student Textbooks (Freemium), Homiee (Free), and Target (Free).

Q. Is there anything better than Chegg?

The course-specific guides provided by Course Hero are subject-specific, whereas Chegg offers textbook solutions and fan questions answered directly by users. Course Hero has practice questions to assist you in uploading study materials, while Chegg has no practice problems feature.

Q. Does chegg have free trial?

Chegg provides free trials periodically. There are other options that you can try the services offered by Chegg prior to signing up.

Q. How do I get a free Chegg account?

Through the Free Chegg Trial for 28 Days

  • Verify the Membership Details. Visit and verify the membership details for your selection.
  • Login To Your Account.
  • Request a trial for free by adding a payment method. …
  • You can cancel the membership if you Do Not Want To Extend Membership.

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