Top 5 Most Popular Video Game in the World

Top 5 Most Popular Video Game in the World

No matter what age, it’s an absolute certainty that you’ve played an hour or two of video games at one point in your life. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re the kind of kid who could not stay up all night until you found out how to get to the next level in Mario Kart or are the type of adult who enjoys have modern games such as are the norm, and Call of Duty: Black Ops continues to be a hit with the times, the odds are that you’ve got an enduring memory of fighting it out in the game to win an ultimate reward.

If you’re not the type to play games? We’re willing to bet some of your relatives were and the sight of Sonic the Hedgehog or Alex Kid time and time again is bound to trigger some kind of nostalgic feeling even within you.

Although everybody has an opinion regarding which games are most enjoyable, there are some which you’d find it difficult to agree on. And between Final Fantasy to Pac-Man, there are games we’ll never forget.

While the latest games are a challenge in terms of graphic quality and speed of reaction, however, there’s something we cannot avoid loving about old-fashioned, 2D games that are like a memory of childhood.


Top 5 Most Popular Video Game in the World

Following is the best popular video games:

Grand Theft Auto

The performance of a video game is often based on a mix of genres. Grand Theft Auto falls into this category. At first glance, the concept seems simple enough however the game is more than the basic idea. Grand Theft Auto combines elements of adventure, role-playing racing, and others. The result is astonishing The video game’s audience was awed and the game has been acknowledged as legendary.


It’s impossible to discuss first-person shooter video games without talking about Counter-Strike. It’s still an influential game, not just within the FPS genre, but also in the world of video games overall. The reason this game became so loved and popular is the fact it’s a multiplayer game. Two teams are competing, Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists, each with its specific goals to meet. Counterstrike is also the most popular video game in 2021.

Call of Duty

It wouldn’t be a comprehensive list of the most popular video games if we didn’t include those first-person shooters. This is perhaps one of the most well-known in addition, Call of Duty is definitely among the top. It was originally a Microsoft Windows application, but it was later. it was extended to consoles.

It also has some spin-offs that are based on the original game. The player controls the infantry soldiers as he combats on the WWII battlefield with an array of goals to accomplish. It’s pretty basic, nothing extravagant, but extremely efficient. The realistic atmosphere of an actual battleground as well as the incredible audio effects and the capability for players to “experience” a battle firsthand made Call of Duty rise┬áVideo games have evolved into something more.

Final Fantasy

The entry we have listed is part of the science-fiction genre, along with the role-playing game, also known as RPG. There’s a fascinating story to the story behind its development. It was designed by Hironobu Sakaguchi back in 1987 and was his final venture in the realm of gaming. It was a surprise that the game was highly successful so that it was able to be the basis for several sequels and make a lot of dollars.


Another one of those games in the sandbox genre went on to become an icon in and of itself. When you consider it, it’s difficult to understand how Minecraft became a massive success. The rules for its gameplay are almost absent. What is striking at the beginning is that there’s no objective the player has to reach. You are free to do what you want and that’s it.

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