Top 5 Best Split Screen Racing Games PS4

split screen racing games ps4

Racing games are fun when played on split screen racing games ps4 gaming console such as PlayStation. PlayStation4 includes a variety of racing games with split screens that permit at least four people to be playing simultaneously across the screen.

The games can be played in a group of three players, by splitting screens into 4 sections. Each player will be able to enjoy the game and be a part of the competition. For the majority of people, PS4 split-screen racing games are more fun because they connect players and promote cooperation.

Split-screen racing games encourage competition. The aim of every player is to complete the lap first or get the fastest feasible lap times. However, determining which game to play is difficult. It happens because the racing game is available in a variety of types.


What are the Top Split-Screen PS4 Games?

Naturally, the top split screen PS4 games will differ, according to the type of game you’re looking to play. Remember: when you launch an online game with a split-screen it’s not all about you. Your partner’s preferences will be considered as well. If you’re planning to attack each other in a multiplayer shooter and your partner wants to work together to solve puzzles and develop a story there’s not going to be many common interests. Therefore, your first concern should be about what type of game you would like to play, or at the very least, what kind of game you’d both want to play.

Top 5 Best Split-Screen Racing Games PS4

Following are the 5 best split-screen racing games ps4:

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is a second split-screen racing title by Sony. It lets split-screen racing for at least two people. Two people can race side by side in both online and offline multiplayer modes.

The game is mostly focused on racing online which is competitive. This feature lets you be competitive with the top players across the globe.

As an active player, you will have access to over 300 vehicles such as the Porsche 50 tracks and 18 places. You can also play or Arcade Mode or Sport Mode.

While playing, you can alter the date and time of your race prior to taking part. In GT Sport, you only need to put your feet down to experience an incredible visual experience and the most realistic racing simulator ever created.


Antigraviator can be described as one of the most recent modern split-screen PS4 racers multiplayer games. It lets players pilot or drive antigravity vehicles that the highest quality and speed.

In the course of playing with your friends, you can set traps and gain special abilities and speed boosters. You can also choose the most effective weapons and enhance your vehicles to gain an edge.

The rules of the game are straightforward. You take control of anti-gravity vehicles of unlimited speed and take part in thrilling races on futuristic racing tracks. If you have an item, you are able to utilize it against your enemies or even eliminate them with a blast of rockets or mines. Split-screen mode lets at least four people play online matches.

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TrackMania Turbo

TrackMania Turbo is an action-oriented racing game that is focused on speed, tricks, and places. As a participant, you will be able to race on over 200 tracks in four different locations.

There are various options that are available in the course of the game. One of these is the campaign mode, as well as Double Driver.

Dual Driver Mode is the thing that makes racing split-screen entertaining. It’s a multiplayer cooperative mode in which two players drive the same car. Four players can take advantage of the split-screen game mode.

Additionally, there’s an extensive track creator that allows you to make whatever you want during gameplay. You can also alter the game according to your preference and track designs make the game entertaining and fun.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Horizon Chase Turbo is an arcade-style video game that draws its inspiration from classic racing of the 80s and 90s such as Top Gear, Turbo Challenge, and Rush.

It’s an incredibly fast-paced easy to play, and thrilling game that will keep you hooked to the console for many hours. The game’s gameplay is full of curves and laps that evoke an arcade of the past and give gamers unlimited speed limits in which to race and have enjoyment.

It is possible to play on up as many split-screen. Four players can participate in all tournaments, endurance, as well as campaign modes with ease. If you are playing Horizon Chase Turbo, prepare for awe-inspiring visuals, tracks, and the intense rivalry between players.

Rocket League

If you want to play racing classic cars and soccer simultaneously take a look at Rocket League. It is described as a form of soccer that utilizes rocket-powered cars.

The game can accommodate as many as four participants to be assigned to one of the two teams. Each player will use rocket-powered vehicles to smash the ball towards the goal of their opponent.

Rocket League is one of the most multiplayer racing games available on PS4 offline. It can also be played online, whether by yourself and with others.

It provides intense split-screen gameplay where players are able to bump into one another while trying to earn points. Rocket League has many modes and players are able to alter the rules of the game.

Nowadays, lots of PlayStation 4 games come with the ability to divide their screen. Many gamers are in love with PS4 split-screen games since you can join colleagues and measure their level of competition. To have the best experience looking for more fun racing games such as WRC7 and GT Sport.

Frequently Ask Question(FAQ)

Q. What racing games are split screen PS4?

Following is the 5 best Split Screen Racing Games PS4:

  1. Gran Turismo Sport
  2. Antigraviator
  3. TrackMania Turbo
  4. Horizon Chase Turbo
  5. Rocket League

Q. Is Need for Speed on PS4 split screen?

Nope Games now focus on high-quality graphics and online. If you want split-screen Need for Speeds your best option is to get the Xbox/PS2. Unfortunately, no.

Q. What racing is 2 player PS4?

Gran Turismo Sport:

It’s been referred to as one of the top races with split screens that can be played by two players due to its being effortless and simple. It is possible to drive in tandem without getting distracted by the car in front of you. Choose your track, select your car, and set your driving choices easily.

Q. Is Racing Bros PS4 split screen?

In 2020, we launched the racing BROS game 2020 for Playstation 4. The game featured the only multiplayer that was local (4-player split-screen) and was meant to provide you and your family and friend’s family members something to do when you shared the same couch.

Q. Can you play online games with different consoles?

Cross-play is the capability to play online video games with other players on multiple platforms – that is, someone who plays Fortnite in the game on Nintendo Switch could be on the same server as someone playing Fortnite on an Xbox One

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