How to Win Every Game of Words With Friends

How to Win Every Game of Words With Friends

Are you a fan of the game Words With Friends? Do you enjoy the thought of crushing your family, friends, and complete strangers by your lexicographical legerdemain more? You’re in the right spot. Our tips and tricks will give you the advantage in Words With Friends that you need to win.


1. Learn the Board

The most appealing aspect of Words With Friends is that it doesn’t have to deal with the most difficult aspect in Scrabble mathematics. You can’t be a master of both math and words. It’s scientific (it’s more of a science). In Scrabble players need to take all of their chances to win within their heads. Words With Friends has, or, more precisely an animated machine that can do it automatically.

Make use of the robot. Do not play just the first word to jump into your view. Don’t try to play the fourth word which leaps across the room at you. They are lying words. If you spot a great move, make it clear on the game board. After that, you can write three different moves in three different locations. Repeat it over and over again. Even if that the first one was the most effective, and often it is, examining options is the best way to understand the board and discover all the most effective moves.

2. Offense Scores Points; Defense Wins Games

It’s because of that reason this article is called “How to Win Every Game of Words With Friends,” not “How to Stay Friends While Playing Words With Friends.” If you’d like to play any other game on the board that’s competitive it is not enough to bring you points. It must also be able to deprive the opponent. You can take the triple word score, or even add that simple S now, and even if you wait for a turn can net you double points. Take into consideration that any opportunity you can see that your opponent is also seeing. Making it your own is fantastic. However, borrowing it from someone else is more beneficial.

3. Opportunity Plays

This is the opposite of the rule that says One good word is the winner of the game. There are only so many points that can be scored, and one big play typically means an unstoppable advantage. Keep an eye out for opportunities and be prepared when they occur. Strategies for making a major move include:

Link words. Stick an S or an -ED at the opposite side of a word, or string your word through three or more words score, and you’re scoring bonus points for two large words at the same time.

Enjoy the small things. Three and two-letter words that contain a single, high-value letter like jam, ax, or qi are great methods of turning your opponent’s vowel that sounds innocent into a significant point-bumper for you.

Stack magical alphabets. Hang onto high-value letters such as X as well as J as well as S and Y, as well as “ER” type combinations. This is particularly important when the scores become closer.

4. Play Parallel

Here’s a method that is guaranteed to improve your performance in Words With Friends: go in a parallel fashion. Do not cross a word of your opponent. Move along. Combine vowels with consonants and vice versa, to create new words. If your word is in contact with its counterpart at two three or four places this is the two, three, or even four extra words you can earn points for, but they do not. All you need to do to make the trick effective is to have a few decent 2 letter words inside your wallet.

5. Words Are Friends

Currently, I play a game involving “a West African tree,” “lifting up something, especially one surrounded by glaciers,” and “a small mountain lake, especially one filled with glaciers.” Did I know what the words meant prior to playing with them? Sure they do, but I’m a living. Did my adversary? Probably. My sister is insanely clever. Was each one valued at more than twenty points? You bet your boots.

The secret to Words With Friends: tricks can be helpful but there’s nothing like the feeling of falling in love with words. You are not required to go to a Half Price Books store in order to win the game. We’re here to help with your homework, not to assign it to you.

In the meantime, increase your vocabulary by taking note of the words that appear in the articles you read daily. They are beautiful But blogs are just as beautiful and tweets! There’s no need to read to increase your vocabulary as well, but listening to podcasts, songs lyrics, and even movies is great as well. Whatever you’re interested in. If you’d like to get stronger at games of words or in general getting better at playing games and more proficient with words in general, when you’re listening or reading, take a moment to observe how the activities you like to read or listen to use words.

So Much Winning

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be well on the path to becoming a Words With Friends master. If you’re looking for assistance, WordFinder has put together an alphabetic armoire for all your word-game requirements. Have you got letters but no words? The cheating tool can turn as many as 15 letters from your selection into game-playable words.

Have you got words but no plays? Look through the word lists that we have curated that we sort the biggest play by duration, length, the first word, final letter, and many more. Relax and then begin winning. You’ll begin to win, and you’ll discover which strategies work best for you. That’s how you win.

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